Bees place their nectar in perfect hexagons; row upon row, carefully arranged. It’s probably an amazing story about flowers, if you could read it. Idylls of inflorescence. Angelic angiosperms. A whole religion, a honeycomb with stigma and style. Such is the work (wrong word: play) of Russell Maycumber. With images which often look like stills from a serial visual novel, Russell concocts his own sweet structure, his own little universe, or paracosm, as he calls it. Instead of hexagonal cells, the unit of sweetness is the sticky note for Russell, the palette upon which his imagination holds sway. Intricate and lacey, blocky and sublime, a world awaits you, like the one your son tries to tell you about at bedtime, like a perfect sunken treasure, or a whorl of wondrous petals. Plotless and sublime, like the world inside a snowy globe, yours is this life which matters.

Saturday, September 25
10 am – 2 pm